Sunday, October 1, 2017

October 4th, 2017, Healing Mass


There will be a special Healing Mass in our parish this Wednesday evening (October 4th) at 7:00 PM at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church.  Anyone who wishes to join in providing music for the Mass please join us at 6:00 PM to go over the hymns.

Here is the music selected for the Healing Mass from the new Glory and Praise hymnals (unless indicated otherwise):

Entrance:  #600 Be Not Afraid

Preparation of the Gifts:  #649 Shelter Me O God

Communion:  #610 You Are Near

Anointing of the Sick (if needed):  #770 Come to the Water
                                                     CBW #491 O Lord Hear My Prayer
                                                     #421 Lay Your Hands

Recessional:  #605 Blest Be The Lord

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